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Frequently Asked Regulatory Questions


Q : Do your aircraft comply with the new Part 107?

A:  Yes!  All RPFlightSystems airframes weigh less than 55 lbs

Q:  Can you hand launch the aircraft?

A: The Spectra at 5 lbs is easily hand launchable.  The Vigilant C1 is hand launchable when loaded to less

than 10 lbs. The Aerohawk requires either a catapult or a prepared runway.

Q:  Will you help my agency apply for a COA?

A:  Yes, RPFS personnel will assist any government agency apply for their certificate of authority.

Q : Why a flying wing?

A:  A wing has proven to be a simple, rugged flyer with no tail and only two moving surfaces, it is a less complex system to maintain.

Q:  Do you offer training?

A:  Yes, RPFS personnel will assist and train either at your location or ours for a fee.  We offer a self training course of a computer flight simulator and a trainer wing for those that have some flying experience.  The trainer wing allows you to hone your flying skills without risking the Spectra.